The Road To Oregon

After driving for what seemed like the longest drive of my life we were in Oregon, pulling into a beautiful road in what seemed like the middle of the wilderness.

Brian told me were going to stop for breakfast at his friends house, who turned out to be the director from the hit TV series deadliest catch!

We walked into to a fabulous place, greeted with a warm welcome, and stayed for a few hours whilst enjoying some great chats. I even got to hold a real grammy award! 


 “Sending It”

The Comp

After a sweet day of competition and just generally riding our hearts out the comp was over. Results announced, it was time to chill.

In short, I would highly recommend anyone to visit and travel the west coast of America – the people are sound and the scenery is incredible.

Get yourself a cowboy hat and get out there! Big thanks to my sponsors Peter Lynn and Gone West for helping to make the trip happen!

 “Bridge of the Gods” 

Bridge Of The Gods

Next Stop Washington. 

After following a meandering road all through beautiful temperate forest we eventually reached Cascade Locks and the infamous Bridge of the Gods. After crossing into Washington we were stoked with the laid back atmosphere of the area. 

The Locals were real friendly all out and about enjoying the good vibes and happy views.

After seeing the rough nature of the gorge I was keen to get in the water! We proceeded to have an epic warm up session before the competition the next day.

The Gorge is the coolest place i have ever kited! Surrounded by beautiful peaks and with some really nice strong wind coming through its so fun! The launch spots are a little sketchy though!

After spending the night at the competition organiser’s ranch we were treated to perfect weather for the comp. Stoked we headed down through the woods to the gorge. 


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