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Make a Difference.

We are witnessing the world change in countless ways. Are you here to be in the audience or are you here to do something about it?

It’s no secret that our actions have an impact. It’s time to settle the score and ensure that impact is a positive one.

Plant Now

Balance Your Impact

The average UK citizen produces over 10 tonnes of Co2 per year. It would take a small forest and many years to capture that.

Plant Trees

Planting trees is an action, it’s not talk.
Let’s get our hands dirty and make a difference, today.

Empower People

Every tree you plant supports a community. Help create autonomy in the form of work, education and vital resources.

Looking For B2B?

Plant Now

Pay it forward.

It’s okay to do cool stuff! But cooling down the planet is important too. We commit to being more aware, more active and more responsible in our lives, and certainly we could have done a better job in the past, but that dosn’t mean it’s too late.

Planting now is a great way to settle the score and buy some time for other people to do cool things as well!

Plant Now


It all came together in the GLORIOUS sunshine and we planted 1000 native trees – We’ve learnt a lot through this project and continue to educate ourselves.

Too Many T’s

We decided that we should take responsibility for footprint and strive to become carbon neutral.

Kombi Life

Our Numbers

You should know where your money is going, and what it’s capable of. We strive to be transparent about how we do our business. Because business can be a force for good, and it should be.

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Featured Ambassadors: Sol Food Cinema
These two are making the most adventurous cookbook you’ve ever seen, mixing travel stories and recipes from around the world.

“We wanted to balance our emissions and create jobs for other travelers like us. That’s why we became Green Ambassadors with Gone West.

Dare we say it – they are down to earth, and we support that.”


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