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“Good partnerships lead to great initiatives – and we can’t think of a better way to engage young people with the environment around them than through the Acorns to Oaks campaign.”

– Prince’s Trust

The Original Mission

At the bottom of it all Gone West was founded by young people who didn’t have all the opportunities in life.

They came from to make life better for themselves and together we learned a lot along the way. They went on to get degrees, open businesses and chase their dreams, leaving a forest of trees behind them. This company owes everything to them and it’s our mission to keep that opportunity alive and more accessible than ever.

Acorns to Oaks
Gone West x Princes Trust

We’ve seen first hand how tree planting can tackle both social and environmental issues. In 2020 Gone West extended it’s reach by teaming up with youth charities across the UK, planting the seeds for future jobs and better lives.

Stump Up For Trees…

has an educational programme, taking tree planting into secondary schools.

“We aim to awaken the next generation to the value of trees, and the merit of direct environmental action, such as planting in the right places.”

Businesses are joining the fight against climate change…

and what better place to start then right here on the home front?

Plant trees locally and make a true difference in your community.

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