Floating Through West Coast America

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The Road To Oregon After driving for what seemed like the longest drive of my life we were in Oregon, pulling into a beautiful road in what seemed like the middle of the wilderness. Brian told me were going to stop for breakfast at his friends house, who turned out to be the director from the hit TV series deadliest catch! We walked into to a fabulous place, greeted with a warm welcome, and [...]

The Art of Speedflying

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The Art of Speedflying BY TZAK GARNETT LEEVERS EVER FANCIED FLYING LIKE A BIRD? NOT KEEN ON THE IDEA OF SKYDIVING? SPEEDFLYING IS A FAST GROWING SPORT AND OUR RESIDENT EXPERT TZAK GARNETT LEEVERS WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU INTO HIS WORLD!   PHOTO: TZAK Over the past few years I have had my attention captivated by a new and growing sport. In winter it combines different elements of skiing and kiting and in summer [...]


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